The Health & Wealth Power Hour
The Importance of Financial Literacy
May 4, 2023
In this episode of The Health and Wealth Power Hour, host Harlon Pickett discusses the high cost of health insurance and the importance of financial wellness. Guest Lana Wimberly-Bowman, founder of Generational Wealth and Wisdom, shares her journey to founding her company and discusses the importance of financial literacy. They also discuss the struggles that many people face in accessing affordable healthcare and highlight the benefits of Eagle Care, a health solution that offers affordable healthcare options with a full array of benefits. Lana emphasizes the importance of teaching children about financial literacy and advises parents to help their children make their own piggy banks.
Harlon Pickett and guest Lana Wimberly-Bowman discuss the importance of financial literacy and how to teach it to the next generation.

Lana, who founded Generational Wealth and Wisdom, shares her personal journey to financial literacy and how it started with teaching her son about finances. She emphasizes the importance of setting goals for spending, saving, investing, and giving, and involving children in decision-making about their money. Her children's book, "Brandon and Piggly the Piggy Bank," teaches children and parents about financial literacy through relatable characters and practical advice.

Harlon and Lana also discuss the benefits of investing in stocks and making informed decisions. Lana's experience starting an investment club with her family shows that financial literacy can be a family affair and a way to build generational wealth.

- Generational Wealth and Wisdom
- Lana's book, "Brandon and Piggly the Piggy Bank" (00:13:28)
- Eagle Care Health Solutions